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Good morning boost ☀️

I've always wanted to be a morning person, you know, one that wakes up bright and early and jumps out of bed straight into the day's adventures. Well, turns out I'm not really a morning person (nor an evening person for that matter, I get so tired between 21-22 pm). So what do I do to get up early to enjoy the stillness before the day starts (and the contractors start to make all the noise at my neighbours)? I set my alarm to go off before 6 am, with a really calm and nice piano tune. Then it's snuggle time with the super tired dog; it's really the best way to wake up but also the hardest to drag myself out of bed from. 

When I'm finally up it's time for my morning routine together with my morning practice. It takes me about one to one and a half hour to finish the morning routine+practice, I'll talk more about it in another post. Then, finally, I get to drink a detox boost that really gets the day started. I drink it either before or after the morning walk. 

150-200 ml fresh orange juice 

2-3 tsp turmeric powder blend (recipe below)

1 tsp chlorophyll, I use chlorella powder

1 tbsp maca powder (note: I use maca for 3 weeks, then I go one week without. This is to let the system breathe and take full advantage of the maca root).

If I need the drink to be more filling, for example before teaching, I'll add:

1 small or 1/2 big banana

1 tbsp sesame or coconut oil

1 tsp honey

Water for a smooth consistency

This recipe is somewhat inspiried from Yogi Bhajan's women's drink (google it to find original recipe).

Turmeric powder blend:

(All spices in powder form and organic)

88-90% turmeric 

8% ginger

1% cardamom 

0.5-1% black pepper

0.5-1% cayenne pepper

(The pepper spices are important to add as they activate the curcumin in turmeric). 

I use this blend to spice up my detox drink, or I'll swallow the powder with just some water when I need an immune system boost, or to make golden milk together with rice or almond milk. 

Do you have a favorite morning boost?

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