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Surrender to the journey. Again and again.

Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. Lao Tsu. During a mindfulness workshop that I held a few weeks ago, I guided the participants in a mindfulness-walk. And as they made their way through the room, I asked them to really let the body guide them. To walk without a set goal to be able to connect and listen to all the small micro movements the body is doing to move the feet into a walk. After a while I asked them to keep the same attention to the body while slowly making their way back to where we where seated. Without a doubt the speed of the walk paced up so I encouraged them that even though we now had a goal, to keep the same attention towards the breath and the body. Afterwards, we discussed the difficulty of keeping the mind in the presence when having a goal, in this case - to walk towards. How the mind then becomes so busy with reaching the goal, finishing the task, that the journey there passes by unnoticed or at least becomes unimportant. We talked about how hard it is to stay focused in the now when the brain can predict a future. How could one stay in the present moment when knowing that something lies ahead? Surrender to the journey. Again and again, until the mind learns to trust the process. This is what I really try to incorporate in everything I do and especially in yoga. Forget about the end expression of the pose - can I instead feel how the body shifts to get me there? Can I take it step by step so that balance comes with me all the way, even into the "in-betweens"? Can I surrender completely to the journey?  

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