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Every story is important #metoo

At first I thought I wouldn't participate, then I realized that so much of what I stand for is about speaking up and sharing my truth. Good and bad. So I wrote some half-hearted statement that could be interpreted into anything and nothing. . When I later read about how this whole discussion is tearing up deep wounds, I thought yeah that's me. . But no, that's not it. My wounds has healed a long time ago. The wounds healed but left scars. And the scars will never go away. And I'm grateful for that. I wear my scars with pride. I am a survivor not a victim. . No, what kept me from sharing was shame. Shame that I should've stopped it earlier. Ashamed of my own sexuality and the fact that I even am a woman with breasts and a vagina. Ashamed about sexuality, and everything around it. . I was in my early twenties, doing everything I could to succeed in ballet, when I saw this physiotherapist with a great reputation among dancers. As the abuse slowly started, I could not even imagine that this man could be wrong in what he did to me. Except he was. And it wasn't until it all escalated that I finally understood. . Did I confront him then? No. I even booked a new appointment. I had to work up the resentment and anger to cancel, to scream, to cry. . Then followed the heartbreaking time of trying to understand how this could happen. And what to do next. To understand how hard it was to file a rapport. How some friends where truly there and others turned their backs with disbelief. . This happens. . And we can't keep silent. We all have to take responsibility and action. Let's make sure this discussion never ends until we truly see a change. . Men - stop, just stop. Take responsibility for your brothers. Tell them when they are wrong. And stand by your sisters, tell us you hear us. . Parents - raise your sons with the message that women are not objects. Raise both sons and daughters to understand that we do own our own sexuality. . Society - make it easier to file and report. So that every human can feel safe. Safe to be believed and justified. . Women - share. Tell the world how often this occurs and how wrong this is. Of course, no details needed. Just the words #metoo 


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