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Spotify & other updates

As few yogis participating on my classes has been asking for the playlists I use (yay for making lists that you like!). Nevertheless it appears it's not that easy to find me on Spotify, so here's a link directly to the playlist that seems most popular: Spotify playlist yoga You can also find me by searching my surname: Täckenström. I hope you'll find some good music! If it doesn't work, just reach out! 

And on another note, I can't believe this spring term is almost to an end! These last few weeks have been truly crazy, and right now I teaching dance summer camp with a colleague - 14 kids dancing ballet, modern, jazz and hiphop together with other activities. During the evenings I'm teaching ballet to adults, so much fun! All this while my regular classes and assignments are going as usual. Crazy, but so much fun! Nevertheless, Mallorca will be a nice break. However, before I leave there's still quite a few chances to take class with me: check out Altromondo's schedule for Sunday and next week. 

I'm still working on this webpage so please stay tuned for an update on yoga videos and one or two for 'moveability'. More to come on yoga philosophy as well!

Love and Light

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