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40-day mantra yoga journey

I took a workshop and met the lovely Anandra George last week. I took the workshop as I’m very drawn to mantra and nada yoga, the yoga of sound, as well as I'm drawn to Bhakti yoga, the devotional yoga. In the few wonderful sessions we had, we got to learn how to really pronounce and use mantras to create a blissful state of mind. I already have a nada yoga practice, but it has been loose, without a goal and just working with different sounds. So I feel very exited as I embark on this 40-day mantra yoga journey, where I will chant a mantra for 40 consecutive days. If I miss one day it’s right back to the start (and I suspect there might be a few back to day 1, but that is okay, it's part of the process). During a private session with Anandra we decided that I should try the short version of the Gayatri mantra – which I love! So we worked together on the exact pronunciation of each letter and syllable, and let me tell you: it’s not as easy as it sounds to chant, but oh, it’s so worth it. The instant bliss is marvellous! As this mantra is quite long I will repeat it only 21 times, each morning after my tea and before the rest of the day starts. This morning I had the company of Nova in my lap, and I made this beautiful 21-bead mala to keep track.

If you’re also feeling drawn towards nada yoga, mantra and chanting I truly recommend you to check out her site, she gives so much knowledge! She also offers a teacher training, online courses and private sessions:

Namaste, have a beautiful day!


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