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Move - it is what you are born to do. in every direction, in every aspect.

Move - the physical body

Move - the mind and the soul

Move - and you shall be united


Think of the gracefulness of ballet and dance, think of the soft energy replacement of qigong, think of the deep inner strength of Pilates and think of the light yet strong asanas of yoga. Immerge all of these and you have BaYoa. As a ballet and Pilates teacher falling madly in love with the quality and spirituality of yoga, I strongly felt that these styles of movements need to be married to one another. Yoga teaches us that we never need to change or be fixed; we just need to unleash who we truly are. And moving through space with that quality can really set you free.  


During a class of BaYoa the whole physical body as well as the spiritual body will be moved in space. Mobility, flexibility, balance and coordination will all get immersed to start to work in harmony. The spiritual body will with ease and joy start to shift focus into the now for full mindfulness. 

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